Restoring, protecting and managing the environment are integral to the services we offer. Our environmental staff is dedicated and embedded in project teams where our clients need them. Our resources are enormous, not just in numbers but also in expertise from GIS to botany, zoology and horticulture.

Our staff specializes in Land Restoration, Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs), Environmental Training and Awareness and Ecological Research.

In the last few years our team has been involved with some of the more complex and diverse projects in our field. Currently we are providing services to government agencies.

Our staff is committed to approaching every project with a blend of professionalism and attention to detail, while maintaining an open dialogue with the client. We are dedicated to being responsive, informative, and sensitive to budgets and time constraints. At Sigwela and Associates, complete client satisfaction is of paramount importance.

Should you find interest in Sigwela and Associates, please contact us to set up a meeting and we can work together to build a strong working relationship with you or your organization.


Land degradation is becoming an increasing problem in South Africa affecting the provision of goods and services (e.g. water quality). It is within this framework that Sigwela and Associates is aiming to be a recognised world class environmental consultancy providing services in land restoration. It is our mission to appropriate scientific-based advices such that the human footprint does not significantly compromise biodiversity conservation.


Superior Service

As an organization we are fully committed to provide the best possible service all our clients. It is our sincere commitment to far exceed our client’s expectations when it comes to customer service & support.

Communication & Transparency

We believe in keeping our communication channels open with both our employees and clients.


Blame shifting is internally and externally discouraged. It is our value to view criticism as an opportunity to take a corrective action. We review our work on continuous basis and also allow independent bodies to do the same.