The Amahlathi Municipality identified a wetland that they intend to use as a tourism destination. This wetland used to be a bird sanctuary with a high diversity of avian species. Due to alien plant invasion (specifically black wattle), the wetland had dried up and the avian species that used to occupy it no longer existed. It therefore became the objective of the municipality to rehabilitate this wetland. The intended rehabilitation intervention was the removal of wattle in an area of about 100Ha, re-planting the areas that have been cleared of alien plants with suitable grass species and follow-up on the areas cleared of wattle so that there is no further recruitment in the cleared areas.

  • The outcomes of this wetland rehabilitation were to ensure that the ecological integrity of the wetland returns. As the objective of the municipality was to use this wetland for tourism objectives, this means the aesthetic value of the wetland should also be continuous. The after care is therefore linked with these objectives. The municipality is ensuring that there is no secondary recruitment of the alien plants, and the water regime flow is maintained.