Env.-TrainingEnvironmental awareness is required by the national environmental legislation and is a responsibility that is rapidly becoming an important concern for all organizations, communities and government authorities. Sigwela and Associates aims to empower its clients and participants to benefit through its range of excellent training programmes and its consultancy services. SG Environmental Empowerment formed under Sigwela and Associates was established to provide training and consulting services towards but not limited to nature conservation and tourism and related accredited and non-accredited trainings. Our training material is of best quality and we continuously update our training material and develop new training courses for clients with specific needs.

Sigwela and Associates has also incorporated its land restoration projects with environmental awareness and training by identifying youth within the areas of operation that have acquired a matric qualification and have not had a chance to further their education. Sigwela and Associates trains these students towards an accredited qualification in Nature Conservation Guardianship NQF Level4. This programme has been specifically developed by Sigwela and Associated and SG Environmental Empowerment funded by the Department of Environmental Affairs for business looking to empower youth, create environmental awareness and also minimise the impacts they have on their environment.